A Bicycle Trip For Two

So now that I’ve decided I want to plan my own bike trip with my wife, where should we go? This question was easily answered by asking my better half her opinion. England, England, England. We’ve both been there before, but it was years ago, and we’ve never gone together. Riding around the coast of Britain sounds like a great adventure, and a great template for a bike tour budget. England has one of the highest costs of living in Europe, so a budget that works there would also cover an alternate trip in another country.

So what do we have to do to make this dream a reality? Let’s break it down.

  • Bikes
    • You can’t have a bike tour without a good bicycle to ride on. My wife and I own servicable comuter bikes, but we’ll want some better touring bikes for this ride. We’ll also need to invest in some accesories like panniers. Thankfully, I have a lot of experience with bicycle maintenance, so I already own a lot of accesories and tools that we’ll need.
  • Plane Tickets
    • Round trip airfare to the U.K. won’t be cheap, but it will help if Pam and I buy tickets in advance.
  • Living Expenses
    • These include everything from a place to sleep to the price of a beer in London. By experience I know to estimate a ‘high ball’ figure. It never hurts if you plan on spending more than you actually do, but it’s never good the other way around.

So, after some brief research, I’ve created a budget for our trip. The budget takes into account the conversion from dollar to pound. I used the technique of taking high and low price ranges, then averaging to give the most realistic estimate of the cost of this one week trip, one year from now. I’ve also calculated our personal finances in a seperate document, that I won’t be posting on this web page.

Bike Trip Budget


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