Finance Project : Dreams

August 10, 2008 at 4:43 pm (1)

Well, I think I covered some of these in a previous post, but I’ll go through them again for clarity. This is a list of things I’m interested in doing sometime in the next 5 years.

  • Scuba diving trip (about 1 week) in Canada.
  • Cycling trip in Europe (Eastern Europe? England?)
  • Backpacking in Japan (1 month)

With college graduation looming ahead, the responsibilities of managing a career aren’t far behind. How hard would it be to finance one of these adventures before I commit to 20 years at a desk? Out of the 3, the one that most interest me is a cycling trip in Europe, let’s say around Britain’s coast. I know from experience that the cost of living (and travelling) is higher in England than in the rest of Europe, so if I plan a budget there, that same budget should also cover a trip around France or Spain instead. I’ll need to research/decide:

  • Plane tickets
  • Length of the trip
  • Whether I want to go with a touring group or solo,
  • Cost of equipment (different for touring group vs. solo)
  • Training schedule (only tangentially related to finances, but important for a trip like this)
  • Day to day expenses

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